Meet the TACKLE GIRLS, an exceptional team of football players, as they hit the field to knock down lingering misconceptions that women can’t play real professional football. No lingerie gimmicks here ... Same game, same uniforms, same intensity. These women are out to prove their dominance on the field of international competition and defend their title as World Champions of Women's Tackle Football. And they’re making history. Football is the last great sport still truly dominated by men, but just like the pioneers of other women’s sports like tennis, gymnastics and basketball, they're breaking down barriers. When it comes to blocking, passing, running and catching, the TACKLE GIRLS can do it all.

We meet the TACKLE GIRLS as they descend upon Chicago for a week of intense training that pushes players to their physical and emotional limits. We go inside the locker room, the huddles and on to the field to witness the team prepare for the biggest game of their lives.
TACKLE GIRLS follows the U.S. team from training camp to the International Federation of American Football’s 2013 Women’s World Championship in Helsinki. The pressure intensifies when Team USA lines-up against competitors from Spain, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Germany.
And there’s a lot on the line. They’re fighting to keep the perfect record set by the national team in 2010, who won the first international tackle football tournament ever in which women were allowed to compete.

TACKLE GIRLS explores the lives of players both on and off the field, and reveals what drives them to sacrifice so much in pursuit of the sport they love. “TACKLE GIRLS” gives a whole new meaning to “hits like a girl.”

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