Why "No Man is an Island"?

Stories like this come along once in a generation. And the story behind our proposed film is perhaps one of the greatest of the generation of our parents and grandparents who valiantly fought tyranny and oppression during the hard years of the Second World War in Greece.

But ours isn't one of resistance, sabotage and bombs and bullets-- against the occupier. "No Man is an Island" is a story of soft power-- the victory of humanity over hatred; and, compassion over cruelty.

Our short film will tell the story-- the unique in all of Europe survival story-- of the only Jewish community that didn't lose a single soul during the Holocaust. It is a story of heroism that needs to be told-- not only for future generations, but for the current one.

Although it happened seventy years ago, the message is timeless and resonates with contemporary society. Our film will educate and inspire a new generation and generations to come by making our history relevant.

Furthermore, at a time in history when the image of Greece and Greeks has reached new lows in the international media, this film will do wonders by shining a positive light on one of the world's greatest stories of hope and humanity-- common Greek ideals that have been forgotten in these trying times of social and economic crises that are spreading across Europe and the world.

Simultaneously, with the rise of Neo-Nazi activity in Greece-- we need to show the world that this kind of hatred is not part of the Greek reality.

Most importantly, this film will share a largely unknown and untold story of how two men and 35,000 citizens of a Greek Island stood on the side of goodness and humanity and stared evil in the face.

"No Man is an Island" is a film that must be made. It is a story that must be told. With your help, this can become a reality.

Our budget is more than $150,000 to shoot the short film in Greece and ultimately submit it to festivals throughout the world. We will raise half of it from major donors and the balance ($75,000) from a community of people around the world, like you!


Gregory Pappas & Steven Priovolos

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