(This video continues on the documenting of a rescued litter of originally 3, 1 week old hoglets - Part2)

Second update video following this one litter of hoglets here at Willows Hedgehog Rescue.

Hoglets have a lot of growing up to do in a short space of time. In the wild they will disperse from the nest at around 6 weeks to fend for themselves in the wild as a solitary animal.

The hoglets change rapidly and even though visually there isn't a lot of difference from the last video they are already starting to be bolder & to explore their environment. In not that many hours they have gone from simply feeding & sleeping, to being inquisitive when being brought out for their feeds, popping their heads out of the bobble hat to see if food is ready (not literally see as they are still at this stage blind) and starting to explore items around them (mainly my hands at this stage). The hand feeding is their primary method of food consumption but they are starting to lap a little at milk in a shallow saucer.

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