From the 1940's to 60's, Hollywood cranked out hundreds of short propaganda and public awareness campaign films. This one in particular deals with Lesbianism, which at the time was not viewed as a lifestyle, but rather a disease.

Cecil B. DeMille, whom always was ready to contribute to the pre/post war campaigns, was often called upon to direct these films. Many of the scripts for these films were written by a very talented writer, whom unknown at the time, but later would go on to become a household name, Alfred Hitchcock.

Because of the length of the film, I edited it to its opening introduction, and the crucial last five minutes of the film, which has Alfred Hitchcock written all over it, with all the suspense of PSYCHO ! Just imagin your watching "Night of the Living Dead" and replace the Zombies with lesbians.

Now remember, this was a serious subject matter of the time, so try not to laugh too hard.

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