So Far, So Close Part two of my Yugen(幽玄) series
“a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe… and the sad beauty of human suffering”
A playful look into what might make up the world around us, or a distant galaxy just as it's being born. Imagination wanders and finds itself lost in the infinite unknown.
Part one

**2014 Ramstock Film Festival, Richmond Virginia**
**2014 Resonate Festival Belgrade Serbia** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Animuza Festival Poznan, Poland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Punto y Raya Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland** (Best of Punta y Raya)
**2014 Streetlight: Roman Susan Gallery, Chicago IL**

So Far, So Close, was an attempt to create a visual piece that felt both astronomical and microscopic. I created the imagery using ink and plexiglass layered on top of each other. The depth it created was surprising! Once I was done filming I was going over the footage and found that as beautiful and captivating as these environments were, needed a subject. That's where the animations came into play. The childlike drawings are very humorous against the cosmic backgrounds.I wanted my drawings to interact with the space and give a reason for the movement on screen. I also see them as little characters floating through these spaces. While you are watching, imagine yourself to be an observer, not necessarily looking for a beginning and an end, but simply looking through a telescope (or a microscope!) on a distant world yet to be discovered. Enjoy!

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