A video installation by Payam Mofidi and Ila Firouzabadi

Work Description

The interactive installation by Ila Firouzabadi and Payam Mofidi deals with the theme of war. Archival images from different countries and video portraits of imaginary characters who have lived through war and are recounting their stories are shown. Shaping a path, the images are projected from the ceiling towards the floor for the public who must make them visible against their hands or a piece of paper, or project them on the wall with a small mirror. These symbolic actions remind of the importance of civilians’ role in wartime as they make visible the misery and bitterness that conflict causes. The public’s participation through the use of their hands highlights the daily presence of war in our lives, and aims to make it more palpable for those who have perhaps never experienced it.

* The installation’s title comes from the poem “Ballad of the Water of the Sea” by Federico García Lorca, published in The Selected Poems of Federico García Lorca, New Directions, 1955.

Technical Specifications
The subject of this video installation is war and the aim of the work is to involve the audience to find the bitterness of the war themselves.

Contains 3-4 short videos, which need to be projected in a dark space simultaneously. Each video contains a synchronized soundtrack. These soundtracks are distributed between 3-4 different speakers. Each speaker is fitted in a box in order to isolate the sound and direct it toward a determined space, where the audience should stand to be able to see the video, in the exhibition area. The audience surrounds by the ambient sound of different narration in different languages coming from each speaker. The videos are meant to be invisible in the space unless the audiences use their hands to see them in the allocated spaces.

The videos are projected on the floor and by use of spotlights under the projected area, they become invisible.

A speaker is suspended from the ceiling, in front of the video projection. When the audience find themselves in the correct space they will be able to view and hear the work.

• 2 Computers (Mini Mac) (≥ 2012) with keyboards, mouse and LCD for each
• QuickTime Pro (v. 7), Final Cut Pro (v.7)
• 1-2 modules Matrox Triple Head2Go
• 3-4 VGA cables (8- 12m long)

• 3-4 small speakers
• 3-4 box (each box is designed to cover one speaker)
• 3-4 lights ETC Source 4 junior (or the equivalent)

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