Haemoglobin is an interactive architectural projection of artificial blood. It was projected onto the walls of the Alte Fleischmarkthalle (old meat market hall) on the slaughrterhouse area of Karlsruhe in 2011.

A continuous flood of blood emerges from underneath the roof. If observers step between projection and building and throw a shadow onto the projection, additional blood originates from within the shadows. The architectural elements of the building are taken into account to calculate the flow of blood. It slows down and speeds up when touching windows, pillars and plants.

Not a single drop of real blood was shed for the installation.

Thank you to Katharina Langpeter and Mojique Vincent Herrmann of Wunschkultur, Thomas de Filippi for technical support, Prof. Bielicky and Dominique Allard for projectors and power, Jörg Stegmann for the camera and Insa Foce for her assistance.

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