Tim’s Abstract:

In a time when the authentic image is routinely questioned and a rupture of expectations has become the signifier of truth, how do politicians communicate a sincere message? Borrowing the notion of the “designed taboo” from pornography, politicians have learned how to become real through disclosure, confession and apology. The paradox (inadvertently first discovered by President Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal) is that disclosure of the right sin increases popularity. This talk will map this connection through analysis of Hustler’s “Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?” in order to suggest the pornographic industry is ahead of politics on understanding how the image works.

Tim Gregory is Lecturer in Theory at Curtin University, W.A. He is a researcher at the Center for Contemporary Art and Politics and has published and exhibited widely on the nexus of pornography and politics.

Non-Knowledge Club is a monthly seminar series dedicated to providing the space for discussions that engage with a variety of subjects and disciplines. Such subject matter includes, but is not limited to: continental philosophy, cultural and literary studies, art and film theory, sound studies, and questions of praxis.

The archē of Non-Knowledge Club is the attempt to create and distribute knowledge in a way that is non-objective and non-totalizing, in the hope of resisting, rather than affirming, the reduction of knowledge to utilitarian ends. Non-Knowledge Club is an attempt to open up, rather than restrict, the space for thinking.

Non-Knowledge club is hosted by Paper Mountain, an artist run initiative located at 267 William Street in Northbridge, Perth Western Australia.

For general enquiries, email: nonknowledgeclub@gmail.com

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