2012.Sep_ Souvenir Animation [Experimental Animation/ 11’ 14”/ Seoul Business Agency]
2011.Nov_ Untitled [Experimental animation/ 00’60”]
2011.Jun_ Natural Urban Nature [Experimental Animation/04’ 32”]
2010.Jun_ Myo-A [Experimental Animation/ 08’11”/Korean Creative Content Agency]
2008.Aug_ Documentary about my one day [Documentary Animation/ 01’ 26”]
2008.Feb_ A Piece Of Paper [Experimental Animation/11’08”/Korea Creative Content Agency]
2006.Aug_ Hello! [Experimental Animation / 03’06”]
2006.Jun_ A Pimple [Graduation Animation/ 4’55”/ Hanseo University]

2012.Dec_ Hopeful Rice cake Party [Stopmotion Animation/03’00”/MBC Broadcast for President election 2013]
2012.Sep_ GS Energy Story1 [Experimental Animation/00’52”/ GS Energy]
2012.Sep_ GS Energy Story2[Stopmotion Animation/47sec./GS Energy]
2011.Sep_ Koffia 2011. Official Trailer [Experimental Animation/ 03min. 03sec./Korean Film Festival In Australia]
2011.Jul_ Talent Donation Campaign[Character Animation/46Sec./ SBS Talent Donation Campaign]
2011.Jun_ Prologue Animation[Paper Stopmotion/ 01Min. 40Sec./ 기획재정부 홍보 애니메이션]
2010.May_ Sand Perfomance [Sand Animation/07min. 09sec./Kokdu Museum Opening Performance ]
2009. Jul_ Star Max Card [Sand Animation/ 50se./ KB Bank]
2006 .Nov_ The Landscape with a piano [Sand Animation/ 01min.30sec./MBC Broadcast]

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