Edoardo Hahn
Galleria Browning, Asolo
23.06.2013 – 04.07.2012
Opening: June 22, 2013, at 18:00
Open Saturday and Sunday (11:00 - 12:30 e 15:30-19:30) or by appointment

The Galleria Browning is pleased to host the photography exhibition ‘Immersioni’
which exhibits a selection of works by the photographer Edoardo Hahn from the series

«The attraction and the terror of the forest is that you see yourself in it as Jonah was in the
whale’s belly. Although it has limits, it is closed around you. Now this experience, which is
that of anybody familiar with forests, depends upon your seeing yourself in double vision. You
make your way through the forest and, simultaneously, you see yourself, as from the outside,
swallowed by the forest.» (John Berger)

The words of John Berger awaken childhood memories in Edoardo Hahn. Fascination and
fear are mixed in the soul of the child who walks in the woods with his father. As an adult, the
photographer gives life to those memories and feelings that have never abandoned him. He
projects them beyond himself, and fix them through an image, and then on a print.

There is no intent to document or return a particular nature, or a geographical reality. There is
no before and after. Photographs are taken frontally or from above, without perspective and a
way out, forcing the viewer to a confrontation. They act almost like a mirror. The viewer has
no choice but to come to terms with what already exists, an inescapable fact.

Slowly the silence emerges, these images function almost as a membrane through which
immerge within one’s self. The forest as an inner world in which to advance without
being caught.

The photographs by Edward Hahn are ‘thinking machines’, scraps of reality that serve
as “cues” to the viewer who becomes an actor and choose to process and transform these
suggestions. An invitation to question the visible, regardless of time and place, in a sort
of inward optical migration.

Galleria Browning

Edoardo Hahn

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