Being connected is a very important subject in our contemporary society. We are no longer capable of being without a cell phone for even one hour. Especially during festivals we like to stay connected so we can know where our friends are and what the latest updates are. In these off-grid situations solar-energy makes a perfect resource. One hour of sunlight on our planet is comparable with the quantity of energy that humanity uses in a whole year. The enormous potential of this sustainable resource is what inspired us to start the 'Wearable Solar' project.

The team of Wearable Solar is a multi-disciplinary team, which collectively researches and explores the possibilities of this solar technique. The results are wearable technology as garments, applications in clothing, accessories and textiles.

The team consists of:
Pauline van Dongen (Fashion designer specialised in wearable technology)
Christiaan Holland (Projectleader Gelderland valoriseert from the HAN)
Bart Huydts (Projectleader Gelderland valoriseert from Artez)
Gert Jan Jongerden (Business developer solar-energy)

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