It is said that when Tamerlane came to Armenia, in Goshavank monastery he demanded that

the locals gave him all the gold that they had.

“You can kill us," was the reply, "but you will not have our gold."

Furious, Tamerlane sent fire to the monastery library. When they saw the flames get close to

the books, the Armenians ran to bring him all the gold and jewels they had.

Truth or legend?

We do not know.

However, in the museum of medieval manuscripts in Yerevan, Matenadaran, there is a huge

book which was taken from a monastery in 1915, split in half and loaded by two women who

fled for their lives.

ARtMENIA is the narration of a journey that leads us to the history and stories of the

Armenian people, and allows us to discover the importance of Art and Culture in survival

through long centuries of adversity and misfortune..

A film about resilience, coexistence and hope that a hundred years after the start of the

Armenian genocide, also reflects our present days..

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