Glitterbug - Be Content
from Dim Flares EP
c.sides Label (exclusively distributed by Kompakt)
Catalog Number: c.sides005 (Vinyl and Digital)

Video by Ronni Shendar

Following the international success of Glitterbug’s album “Supershelter”, everyone has been curious to hear what this unique producer will bring us next. And truth is, there is a lot! Glitterbug has been working on piles of new enchanting materials, tracks, projects and remixes.

As a first release in a series that will lead to his next (double CD) album, is the “Dim Flares EP”: a dream-like, intense and deep EP that carries that very special Glitterbug sound to a whole new level, touching on deep emotional techno with a utopian 4/4 perspective.

The EP culminates with “Be Content”, a warm track with a deep drive of warped pads, a dark bass-line, airy percussion and unforgettable arpeggios. This exhilarating dance track is layered with bottomless emotions, the kind you want to close your eyes to, hug the person dancing next to you and wish it would never ever end.

Video taken from Glitterbug and Ronni Shendar live A/V show, a stunning cinematic live video performance bringing Shendar's unique visual language that incorporates her video, documentary, photography and animation skills in an emotive and passionate journey, a perfect collaboration with Glitterbug's deep musical moods.

PR: Stars&Heroes Agency, Berlin
Booking: Magnet Booking, Berlin
Release Date: 12th of October 2009

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