Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace
18 June – 20 October 2013

Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace brings together a new work of fiction by the author Hari Kunzru with 20 original commissions from leading graphic designers, illustrators and typographers to create a multidimensional story. The way we read books is changing. Memory Palace explores how a story might be imagined in a different format – as a walk-in book.

Each of the designers and illustrators worked on a different passage of text from the story, responding freely to the text.

In this video Peter Bil’ak talks about the process of creating his installation and how his commission was inspired by the passage of text he was given.


The installation is inspired by the piece of text that we received - particularly with the idea that the alphabet is a code that requires knowledge to decode it, and placed with the fact of trying to simulate how it is to lose the knowledge of the alphabet. How is it to be illiterate? This is something very hard for someone to imagine where there is 99% literacy in this country. So this piece can be presented from two different points of view - from literate and illiterate points of view. It’s the movement of the reader that changes the piece, the perception of the piece.

The process for me is that you work with sketchbooks or the computer and then it is always a joy to go from something immaterial to the physical world - from the digital world working on a computer to produce these metal type metal letters and then find the real context and see really how it works in the context of this exhibition. So I enjoyed the different parts of it and I am curious as to how it will be perceived in the whole exhibition.

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