Assignment: Make an intro for a fictional series based on a book.

The book that I have chosen is about an African girl and a North-African boy who are living in Brussels. They are both in a different gang that terrorizes the city. When they meet each other in the police station, they are immediately in love. But there is one problem, these gangs are rivals and if the others know of their relationship, it's over with them.

I wanted to show that they wanted to be together but couldn't.. And also wanted to show the tough side of the gangs.

Filmed with Canon 600D
Music by 1995 - C'est ca notre vie

Thanks to
Oscar Verleyen
Thomas Franck
Nadège Tansia
Brahim Al Ghazi
Laura Damien
Christophe Dedoncker
Elin Martens
Johfrah Lefebvre
for helping me out.

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