(Originally a three channel video installation - Preview edited as single channel)

An aspiring television editor, film maker or spokesperson plays out a once plausible world event within an amateur media centre – ‘Duty to Act’  considers the construction, delivery and reception of media imagery.

An undelivered speech, written for John F Kennedy to announce the bombing of Cuba in 1962 forms the starting point for the combination of a counterfactual history and a series of speculative obsessions. The protagonist acts out a variety of roles surrounding the pre-emptive, Presidential address in a confused version of todays culture of producing and consuming personal media.

Scale models of disaster scenes are filmed with home made cameras, and the footage is edited in a closed system of simulated media imagery. A hobbyists response to the world of broadcast television, married with a domesticated DIY aesthetic, reflect todays implosion of socially mediated, self published news casting.

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