Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace
18 June – 20 October 2013

Sky Arts Ignition: Memory Palace brings together a new work of fiction by the author Hari Kunzru with 20 original commissions from leading graphic designers, illustrators and typographers to create a multidimensional story. The way we read books is changing. Memory Palace explores how a story might be imagined in a different format – as a walk-in book.

Each of the designers and illustrators worked on a different passage of text from the story, responding freely to the text.

In this video Na Kim talks about her process of creating a large advertising billboard in response to a jumbled memory fragment outlining the laws of entropy.


I try to make this kind of contradiction situation through this piece, but I don’t want to make the title for this just a big advertisement saying nothing. This kind of exercise is continuous in my work, but this time is the first time that I make it a big billboard size and I also want to see how it can interact in the space with this bigger format and then different media. Through this piece I am explaining about my way of work but this is connected with the finding doors, which could be something important and serious. I think this kind of exercise really fits with this text, but at the same time people can really catch the meaning. I think the contemporary scene, some big billboard advertisement say similar things - saying something all the time like a crazy voice that nobody can catch any more because it’s too much.

This is really blown up into a bigger size, so I just also brought some real pieces - actually the leftover pieces. I want to place this real material in the space and spread it out with a small caption so you can really think that something that you can see - its not reality - but you can find some small pieces in the exhibition space.

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