I made this for monotype on behalf of D&AD

"He is a gentleman of the old school, and his modesty belies the fact that he's one of the best type designers of his generation" - Seb Lester

The craft of typography stirs great passion in creatives. A recent discussion in our LinkedIn group got extremely heated.

The discussion was ignited around the digitisation of Typography and whether this has killed the craft. So, for our second film with Monotype we decided to talk to Robin Nicholas who has been working in type for over 45 years and has seen firsthand those changes – from pencil to pixel.

In 1982, Robin created a sans serif typeface for low-resolution laser printers that was further developed, with Patricia Saunders, into the Arial typeface family. The family was chosen by Microsoft as a core font for Windows.

From the archive itself Robin showed us the earliest drawings of some of his own designs for the typeface Nimrod and together we also dug out some early archive footage of the hot metal processes that Monotype was built on.

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