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I always get asked "what is the best entry level camera for filmmaking". Here's my answer. I think at the moment the best value for the money is the Sony NEX5R. The reasons are simple. It's the cheapest HDSLR at the moment (around $500) that can also shoot full 1080p video at different frame rates, including 24fps and 60fps for great full HD slow motion. Another reason why I pick this camera is because of it's size. It's so small and light you can easily attach it to a quadcopter, or tape it to a wall, or just stick it in your pocket. It's the smallest DSLR camera at the moment. Lastly it's the image quality and overall functionality. Great options for assisting in video recording. Decent compression using AVCHD codec, etc. If you're just getting into filmmaking and you're not sure what camera to invest in. I would suggest that you get this one!

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