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In advertising all the best ideas start with a scamp. The initial idea for Ad Scamp was a working a prototype, a digital scamp if you like, residing on an iPad in the portfolio of VCCP creatives Matthew Benney and Brendan Howell. VCCP decided it would be a fantastic product to bring to life.

Not many people have ever thought of updating the ubiquitous lightbox. Why would they? If it ain’t broke… Found in ad agencies the world over it’s a mainstay of art directors everywhere.

In the iPad we recognized the potential to update the whole process of producing a scamp. Besides being an incredible interactive interface it’s also a handy portable light source. How you use that interface is open to interpretation, and that’s how our eureka moment arrived.

Put simply, Ad Scamp turns your iPad into an easy to use lightbox, letting you get that killer idea onto paper as quickly as possible. Find your perfect images then resize and arrange to get the composition you want. Hit the trace button to lock your layout in place and your pictures are instantly outlined for easy tracing. Drop on a piece of paper and you’re off.

It also happens to be completely free. Happy scamping.

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