Shot with a crew of six and a cast of non-professional actors, My Sister’s Quinceañera is a naturalistic and sensitive telling of Hispanic family life in small town Iowa. As man of the house, big brother Silas (Silas Garcia) helps his single, working mom by caring for his younger siblings. Feeling trapped and wanting more from life, he struggles to find his own future on his own terms.

Director Aaron Douglas Johnston shares his experiences shooting the film with BTL. Screening Tuesday, June 18, 7:50 pm (72 min.) at LAFF.

Key Collaborators:
Sanne Himmereich, line producer, art director
Rianne Ebeling, line producer, art director
Hayo Van Gemert, cinematographer
Luuk Hoogstraten, sound recordist, sound designer
Xander Nijsten, editor, sound recordist
Claas Meier, sound edit assistant,
Bob Aronds, sound edit assistant
Vincent Sinceretti, sound mixer
Remi Lindenhovius, AVP, color grader
Juho Nurmela, composer
Alekos Vuskovic, composer

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