For people who have decided to address their health issues with the help of 23andMe genetic testing, we have built a customized tool for translating and reporting results. This app provides a user friendly platform for Practitioners who are experienced in this area to interpret this data and manage your care more efficiently. Having a one-touch access to your translated SNPS, Lab results, medications, supplements, diet and allergies makes consultations with your Health Practitiner a much more efficient and stress-free experience.

This App reports on over 294 Genes for the following disorders:
» Methylation
» Detox
» Allergies
» Clotting Factors
» Gluten Intolerance
» Mitochondrial Function
» Immune Factors
» IgE disorders
» IgG disorders and much more.

Once you get your 23andMe Raw Data results back, you'll need to convert/interpret SNPs from your Raw Data. To do this, go to: livewello.com/23andme
It costs $19:95 and the App generates a report that includes 294 SNPs in less than 1 minute. (We're always adding more SNPs).
Then, you can take the results to your Licensed Health Practitioner to develop a health plan for you and your family. You can find one at livewello.com/practitioner

Your Livewello 23andMe report also comes with active rsiDs & Risk Alleles: When you click on them, it takes you directly to snpedia.com ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ and PubMed to research and read more about your SNPs/Risk Alleles.

Whenever Livewello makes updates to their 23andme App, the changes are instantly reflected on all existing reports. All you have to do is refresh your results page. So you have this tool / feature forever not just when you run the report.

Here is a sample Livewello 23andMe report with all the 294 SNPs it currently translates (you'll need to get a free Livewello account to view it): livewello-app.appspot.com/sign-in?continue=app/print--form--all=1--ampersand--clientID=ag9zfmxpdmV3ZWxsby1hcHByEQsSCFdCQ2xpZW50GKSp-QEM--ampersand--appID=ag9zfmxpdmV3ZWxsby1hcHByEQsSCFdCRW50aXR5GKqP9QEM
Once your report is generated by the App, we advise users to take it directly to their Qualified Health Practitioners for an appointment to develop a health plan that can include Supplements, dietary and even lifestyle changes that will be unique to all the different test results they may have.

A free health management tool for people living with Chronic illnesses. It is a 1-Stop-Shop for user friendly personalized medicine/integrative health tools: livewello-app.appspot.com/what-does-it-do

Livewello 23andMe App Slideshow:

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If you have questions email: support@livewello.com
Our policy is to respond to you quickly and politely in less than 30minutes during Daytime hours.

To stay up-to-date on the latest news, be sure to join us at: facebook.com/livewello

We wish you the very best in attaining optimum health for yourself and your family.

Always here to help,
Customer Relations Team
Livewello LLC

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