Because on YouTube, this vid is blocked in Germany, I'm uploading it here now.
Voice-overs are transcribed at the bottom of the description, just in case you can't understand them. A link to the lyrics of the song is there too. And please leave us a comment!
Mother's Day in the USA (as well as in many countries around the world) is this coming Sunday (May 12th) and this vid is in honor of that. ;)

Our 11th collab! It contains all 4 seasons of the show so far through the season 4 finale, 4x15 "Because You're My Sister" which aired in January 2013. ;)

Exactly 13 of of us in the collab group wanted to participate in this collab this time, which ended up being PERFECT because as it turns out, there are exactly 13 mother/child relationships on the show over the course of these 4 seasons. Camille with all 4 of her kids, Renee/Jasmine, Jasmine/Jabbar, Kristina and all 3 of her children including baby Nora, and finally Sarah & Julia both have 2 kids each.

We each had 1 collab part and each were able to vid a different mother/child relationship in each of our parts. See below. ;)

If you'd like to join our group for future collabs of ours, just send a message to me here or at my luvtheheaven5 account, wherever. Anyone who wants to participate is welcome to join. And I can provide episode download links to anyone who needs them!

I think that's about it. Ask us if you have any questions.

Coloring & watermarks were made by me, luvtheheaven5, and I synced up all of the parts & rendered the full collab too by the way. Wieke00 did the opening titles.

Song: Make You Feel My Love
Artist: Adele (it's a cover version, the song was originally by Bob Dylan)

Here's who vidded which mother/child relationships! And please consider subscribing to these great vidders too to see other videos they make!

Part 1: Christabel23181 (Kristina/Nora)
Part 2: kissame104 (Sarah/Drew)
Part 3: luvtheheaven5 (Camille/Crosby)
Part 4: 1999greatness (Renee/Jasmine)
Part 5: 7thxheavenxx (Kristina/Haddie)
Part 6: pitufa003 (Jasmine/Jabbar)
Part 7: Lizziesplace (Julia/Sydney)
Part 8: presidentgilmore (Kristina/Max)
Part 9: arke25 (Camille/Adam)
Part 10: gottalovefullhouse87 (Camille/Julia)
Part 11: bookwormkehprodz (Sarah/Amber)
Part 12: Nomi CR (Julia/Victor)
Part 13: Mo9Ja (Camille/Sarah)


Ultrasound technician: Take a look at your beautiful baby girl.

(Nora makes baby noises)
Kristina: Momma loves you, sweetie.

Sarah: For what it's worth, you have me! I'm not going anywhere.

Camille: Oh, come on, Goose.

Camille: He looks so grown up.

Sydney: Love you.
Julia: Love you!

Adam: I love you.
Camille: I love you, too.

Camille: Sweetie, you're the best.

Camille: My beautiful girl. I love you so much.

Julia: I promise to love you, buddy.

Victor: Thanks, Mom!

Camille: Sarah, you're the one that I... most... identify with. You have to honor that person that you are. Because I do.

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