Mirrored from scientologykilledme: youtube.com/watch?v=-H4n1VNUTho

"Elli Perkins née Present (1949 March 13, 2003) was a mother of two, a professional glass artist, and a Scientologist who lived in Western New York. She was a senior auditor at the Church of Scientology in Buffalo, New York. Her son, Jeremy, started showing signs of strange and disturbing behavior. She attempted to correct this with treatment by non-psychiatric means consistent with her Scientology beliefs, but his schizophrenia progressed to the point where he felt Elli was poisoning him, prompting an unsuccessful suicide attempt. When this failed, Jeremy instead murdered his mother.

The crime received both local and national coverage including The Amherst Bee, The Buffalo News, the New York Post, and an installment of the investigative news program 48 Hours. Aside from the tragedy itself, issues covered included the implication that her refusal to allow Jeremy to be treated by a psychiatrist caused his eventual outburst, and her death."


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