This reel is a compilation of my undergraduate thesis work and I would like to invite you to view the short film in its entirety at:

General Breakdown:

Production Managment: Rex Privratsky

Art Direction Jessica May and Maxwell Nelson

Technical Direction: Chris Lemon, Josh Shapiro and Nico Montano

Executive Producer, Story and Screenplay: Howard Cook

Characters: Jessica May, Charles Grubel

Modeling: Josh Shapiro, Maxwell Nelson

Texturing: Rex Privratsky, Rachel Stone

Lighting and Compositing: Jeremiah Reynolds and Josh Shapiro

Rigging and Motion Capture: Nico Montano

Effects: Russell Gotthoffer

Animation: Charles Grubel, Jonathan Rold

Rendering and Data Management: Chris Lemon, Jeremiah Reynolds

*Please feel free to contact me with any specific inquiries about individual contributions as over the course of the production there were some overlapping responsibilities.

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