This is our 8th contribution to Music Care About Greece. This piece consist of three part on poems of Sappho, composed by Victor Kioulaphides. They ar sung in Old greek language.
Performers: Tom Edskes (guitar) and Ariadne westerkamp (soprano)
Recordings in the studio of KSYME with help of Nickos Harizanos and Kostas Mantzoros.
Video by Celia De Campos Martins
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He seems to me equal to the gods,
that man who, sitting across from you,
looks at you and hears your voice
and sees your smile.
My own heart leapt in my breast
as I first saw you, my voice choked,
I had no tongue by which to speak,
a subtle fire ran through my blood,
my eyes dimmed, I heard nothing but a hum,
I was drenched in sweat, I thrashed like a fish out of water,
I looked at you, pale as the dry grass,
I did not know whether I had died, or was still alive.
I call you, Gongyla,
appear again near me!
What desires surround you
when you wear that milky-white gown!
How beautiful you are! I am glad it is not I,
but Venus herself who scolds you.
The stars around the beautiful moon
suddenly hide their shining light
when you immerse the silver earth
with your full splendor.

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