During an art residency in Turku, Finland, the Brazilian artist Kika Nicolela invites local people to shoot her with a camera and describe her in Finish. The artist subjects herself to the viewer's analysis, mediated through the visual and verbal observations of the people holding the camera. This video is part of the Distant Affitities series, which deals with cultural stereotypes and identity.

Special Mention. Cortopotere International Film Festival. Bergamo, Italy.

Artist Cinema: Kika Nicolela. Museum of Modern Art, Salvador, Brazil.
Cortopotere International Film Festival. Bergamo, Italy.
This is Uncomfortable: Relational Dissonance in Recent Video. Gallery TPW, Toronto, Canada.
Moving Pieces: Kika Nicolela's recent videos. Fridey Mickel Art Berlin Gallery, Berlin.
Indie Mostra de Cinema Mundial. Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Tiradentes Film Festival. Tiradentes, Brazil.
Distant Affinities. Titanik Gallery, Turku, Finland
Salão de Arte de Santo André. São Paulo, Brazil

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