The work’s gestural interface design for navigation is in a three dimensional information space.
This information system developed shows numerous colors of gems ine three dimensional space, which implements Kinect based gestural interface design in this work.

This work is based on gestural user interface to navigate three dimensional information space with the depth recognition feature of Kinect.
This way, information display can show large amount of data at the same level.
It also has various advantages.
For example, by using this display, it is easier to understand the overall structure and the relationship between the data.
Also, it gets more fun to use the data because in this way, users feel that they are actually experiencing the data with their body.
So, the set with both hands and full body seems suitable for experiencing immersive environment of contents such as simulation or informational kiosk.

Keywords: Kinect, Gestural user interface, Usability, Three dimensional space, Information
Music: Little Scamp by Hypermagic (

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