Mixed media generative installation
Collaborative project with Dmitry Morozov / vtol.cc

An abstract story is being shown on the screen, in a language of parametric graphics and logic. Event flow causes sound flow, and sound is being sensed by lights, making them shine and blink.
Five chapters of the story, focused on abstract concepts of Emptiness, Motion, Chance, Light and Noise, are inspired by cosmic particles, some of which dash from distant galaxies, happen to collide with particles of the Earth’s atmosphere and then disperse their energy in electromagnetic showers.
The story repeats with new chance parameters and give new data flow for sound generating.
Light objects respond individually and somehow unpredictable thanks to their analog nature.
The peaks of exposure are caught by light sensors and cause changes in graphics' program, consequences go down to sound algorithms, make the lights shine again and sometimes end in a decaying feedback.
Unable to see and interpret graphic data, lights perceive logical events and states through sound – the universal medium of physical reality. Human sounds make a contribution to this graphics-sound-light cycle, feeding it with more chance data and involving spectators to the whole process.

- vvvv for realtime parametric graphics rendering and sending data to sound synthesizer
- 2 projectors
- Nord Modular g2
- 4 channel sound system
- diy sound spectrum analyzers and light control analog circuits
- dif. lamps
- arduino and LDR sensors light analyzer

Presented on 17.05.3013 at MEL Space (Moscow) / melspace.ru
Special thanks to
Nataly Solovieva
Pavel Hrustalev
Mathrioshka / mathrioshka.ru

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