A few years ago we came in contact with Miroslav Miklashtrvscky (Spanish name: Martínez) and he told us his about his life; from his days as first violin in the Belarus Philharmonic Orchestra to handyman. Before going to work each morning, Miroslav would always go for a peculiar little spin. When we asked him why, this is what he said: “Asking why only serves to cut the wings off of dreams in flight.”

We wanted to run into him again and document his life but, unfortunately, we were never able to track him down.

This is our small homage to Miroslav and to all of those who don’t ask why…

Direction & production: Pipo & Astutto
Actor: Benito Jiménez Mateos
Cinematographer: José Martín Rosete
Camera assistant: Thamar Pueyo
Still photographer: Mayte Ramiro
Direction designer: Eduardo Parrilla
Edition & sound: Álvaro Giménez Sarmiento
Color correction: Mordisco Films
Makeup: Maquíllate Conmigo
Production assistant: Mirco Lucaroni - Fernando Shön
Mechanical gadget: El Perucha
Storyboard: Mario Rodríguez

More info en: pipoastutto.com/work/miroslav-martinez/

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