Audiovisual performance for 12 dot matrix printers and video projection by [The User]
The Symphony for dot matrix printers is a work which transforms obsolete office technology into an instrument for musical performance. The Symphony focuses the listener’s attention on a nearly forgotten technology: the dot matrix printer. Specifically, it employs the noises the printers make as the sole sound source for a musical composition. Leaving the constituent elements untouched, the process imposes a new order upon them, reorganizing the sounds along a musical structure.

[The User] is a Montreal based contemporary art collective comprised of architect and installation artist Thomas McIntosh, and composer and sound artist Emmanuel Madan. The duo’s collaborative projects re-imagine relationships between technological systems, culture and human experience in striking ways.

Symphony #1 for dot matrix printers was created by [The User] with support from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.
Concept, design & construction: [The User] - Thomas McIntosh and Emmanuel Madan.
Software: Thaddeus Thomas, ReDada software.
Electronic engineering and manufacture: David Ozsvari.

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