These past few months has been really inspiring for me, through out the filming sessions, I have really learnt alot from Fion.

She is kind, giving, fearless and powerful. She goes from community to community, block to block, door to door to find out the needs of Singaporeans and then rushes in to help without hesitation. She is a mum and a wife, ordinary Singaporean just like anyone of us, yet she finds time to love and give to people.

In the midst of Singaporean's hectic life, sometimes people don't even stop to take a look at what's happening and become oblivious to what's going on around us. This woman, is the complete opposite - she just gives irregardless, nothing less. Her giving is unlimited, she dares all things and crushes down any limitation and impossibilities: she does so much from house cleaning, clearing almost 90k of bills, caring for the old and the young.

In this journey of friendship with her I have learn so much and also had much fun helping around communities, interacting with people and being soaked in the atmosphere of true giving.

I will always remember two things she said:
1. "If you want to give, don't doubt, if you doubt, then don't give.
2. 'You see the need, you hear the situation, you give"

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with love,

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