On June 14, the installation Marina Abramović Institute – Prototype, conceived as a satellite to the artist’s yet-to-be-built Marina Abramović Institute for long-form performance in Hudson, New York, had its world premiere in Toronto.

As Abramović tells Toronto photographer Christopher Wahl in this short film commissioned by Canadian Art, “When I stood up from the chair in MoMA after the performance of The Artist is Present, I was not the same anymore. During that time, I got this idea that I have to leave a legacy.”

Watch the film to hear Abramović discuss how that idea of legacy grew into the institute, what she hopes audiences will get out of the prototype, and why it is significant to hold this premiere in Canada.

Interior and exterior views of Marina Abramović Institute – Prototype in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park are also included in the film. Consisting of seven red, interconnected pavilions, the prototype has rooms designed for resting, meditating on various objects, and staring into a stranger’s eyes à la The Artist is Present, among other activities.

The world premiere of Marina Abramović Institute – Prototype continues as part of Luminato to June 23. Tickets are available through luminato.com.

For more information about Marina Abramović's views on the new institute and its Toronto iteration, read David Balzer's interview with her at canadianart.ca/features/2013/06/13/marina-abramovic-toronto/

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