We bend over backwards. We stretch ourselves, aiming for a well-paid job and a comfortable life. We’re constantly reaching out, for family, for love and exhausting ourselves for a passionate embrace. How badly can we lose ourselves in the rush of trying to achieve it all? What happens to us when we get everything we want in life?
A multi-layered tale told through movement, gesture, dance and wrapped in music and rich visuals, this is a universal story that questions our search for happiness.

Directed & Choreographed by Anna Gąciarz

Cast: Elena Degtyareva, Anna Gąciarz, Karen Gleeson/Ruth Shine, Barnaba Dorda, Krzysztof Kminikowski, Tomasz Laskowski/Oscar Mienandi

Visuals: Justyna Seniuta

Lights: Lisa Krugel 

Photo credit: FotoFarm
Make-up: Anna Sawosko

Music: Collage

The Back Loft, Dublin Fringe Festival, Dublin, September 2011
Nominee for the Spirit of the Fringe Commissioning Award

Re-presenting Ireland, Dublin Dance Festival, May 2012

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