Someone on VI-Control requested some quick notes on using pocketBlakus. Here is a video that shows how to avoid the "out of range" related bugs, as well as an EQ approach to make the sound lighter (a little more open and less full) as well as using a small space ER and tail from Numerical Sound's FORTI in the Vienna Audio Suite. This is a quickie that should really bore anyone that didn't ask for it... but someone did, so it's here. ;)

This video is a quick demonstration using that free Kontakt library in Cockos Reaper.

Blake "Blakus" Robinson is an Australian cellist and this library is one of two free solo cello ones he offers at (the other being the "Christmas Spiccato").

Blakus also performed the cello recordings in Embertone's more comprehensive upcoming commercialsolo cello library, their follow-up to the Friedlander Violin.

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