The Breezy Point community has been struggling for the last 8 months to rebuild after the horrific night of Hurricane Sandy.
Mayor Bloomberg released his report; Special Initiative for Rebuilding and Resiliency
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The stipulations in this report are unacceptable.
This report states;
Initiative 12
Call on and work with the USACE to study and install primary and secondary dune systems in vulnerable Rockaway peninsula neighborhoods (such as Breezy Point)

Neighborhoods such as Breezy Point suffered devastating damage from Sandy and remain exposed to extreme weather events, particularly along the ocean. Subject to available funding, the City, therefore will call on the USACE to study and construct a dune project to protect this neighborhood and to demonstrate the general effectiveness of primary and secondary dune systems as a defense against storm waves and flooding. OLTPS will oversee these efforts. The goal is to complete this project within four years of completing the USACE study.

Any such project would, if federal funding is involved, require public access to impacted areas. Accordingly, before this project could advance, the Breezy Point Cooperative would have to agree to that condition." -pg. 62

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