I grew some peas on my bedroom windowsill (along with runner beans and marrows) and planted them outside but they're not doing too well. So I thought I'd try some indoors and see what happens. I don't have a greenhouse at the moment so windowsills have to do. (Plus I've pushed a table up to the window to give me more room. Worth mentioning the wooden top is varnished so it's water resistant against any accidents!)

As an experiment I'm growing three pea plants in soil and three in a simple, cheap hydroponic system I've made.

I've also planted some old seed packets I had which were past their planting date; they will either grow or not, but they have more chance in soil than in a box in my store room!

ps I meant to say in the video that the roots of the peas are not fully immersed in water, only the ends - there is a 1-2 inch gap above the water so that the roots can also get some air, which they need to grow.

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