Welcome to Resurrection Life of Jesus Church. We are a Bible centered group of believers who desire to grow in the full knowledge of Jesus Christ without compromise to His Word. We believe, teach and practice all things that Jesus taught and were practiced by the Church in the book of the Acts of the Apostles.

Our ministry is geared to strengthen people who are walking with Christ by equipping them to reach the next generation so that God will continue to have mighty men and women proclaiming the Gospel. There are many who are on fire for God, willing to learn, and live their lives for the good news of Jesus Christ.

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What does God want from you? That can be a difficult question to answer if you don't know what God wants from your life. Assuming you're a Christian, is God pleased with your work in the Kingdom of God?

We only have a short time on this earth and salvation, water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism, obedience, living a holy life and walking in unconditional love are all important to God. The first point is so significant that skipping it negates the rest. Yet if you ignore the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it becomes hard to live a holy life, and of these things, the hardest task can be to love God and your fellow man, which also includes yourself.

Pastor John also examines God's responsibility in convicting people of their sins, making sure the new birth takes place, baptizing believers in the Holy Spirit and giving you the power to live a holy life. On the other hand, man is responsible for responding to God's invitation, being baptized in water, seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit and living in obedience. This is a message about how your life can be different when you're walking closely with the Lord.


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