Outback 8 Theme.
My role: Composer.
This television show was a co-production between the BBC and Australia's Network Ten. The show was about four children from the UK and four Australian children learning the skills to become jackeroos and jilleroos. For those of you unfamiliar with these terms, a 'jackeroo' (male) and 'jilleroo' (female) are basically Australian cowboys, whose main job is to round up and herd cattle. The show was filmed in Longreach, Queensland, and threw eight suburban children normally used to city life, in to the rigours of working in the outback: learning to ride horses, cattle herding, fence building, bush survival skills etc. Network Ten has used much of the Motion Focus Music catalogue and I, being one of the Motion Focus composers, was given the opportunity to pitch for the gig. Both the UK and Australian producers of the show liked my song, which deploys many of the musical elements popular in rural Queensland (country and western, typically). Also, the didgeridoo instantly says 'Australia' to an international audience. Outback 8 ran both in the UK and in Australia.
I should also be clear that this particular track is not available in the Motion Focus Music catalogue, obviously because it was commissioned by the Outback 8 producers specifically for that production only. Again, any unauthorised use of the track will infringe copyright, yadda yadda, and everyone will go to jail forever and they will throw away the key etc etc etc.

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