Pendulum presents a behind-the-scenes look into the complex full-performance motion-capture of Red Faction: Armageddon by exhibiting an intense stunt-filled chase sequence from the game's 32 mins of cut-scenes.
Such scenes require extensive planning, as shown in this dramatic sequence which relied heavily upon the efficient coordination of everything from set construction and in-depth previsualized camera-work, to the many challenges of multiple-actor shots, spanning numerous shooting days, while including fights, falls, jumps and of course, dialogue & performances that ranges from subtle to extremely heated. This often-hidden facet of the cinematic production process shows the amazing performances of some of the talented actors & stuntmen who worked on the project synced to the final rendered sequence (completely produced & directed by Pendulum).

Co-Directed by Mike McCormick & Rob Taylor
Mocap Performance Direction, Cinematic Creative Direction, and full Cinematic Production by Pendulum Studios.

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