People and voices
“Wisdom of man- Radio

The documentary process was done in collaboration with Mariano Poaquiza who is a key person at the radio station Runacunapac. Since the early 80s Mariano has maintained the importance of sending music, greetings, political messages, information and education out to remote homes in the Andes around the village of Simiátug. He says:

“On the radio I have made my life, I have worked here because I quite like it. I like listening to music and communicate with others, on the radio I have made many friends, many of them know me.
The radio is special where there is no TV. People listen to us in small radios, as there is no TV signal because of the geographical conditions, the medium wave radio signal arrives good and quickly.”

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'Freedom to speak up' is a part of Convicciones – Convictions, which is a participatory art and film documentary project. It has unfolded in cooperation with a number of committed people and groups from Guamote, Simiátug and Quito in Ecuador in 2011 and 2012.

Promoters in the collaborative film work ' People and voices' are people and volunteers in the town of Simiátug, Radio Runacunapac, Mariano Poaquizo, Ecuador and:

Neighbourhood Remarks. 
Focus Grete Aagaard's artistic practice is aesthetic, interdisciplinary and collaborative related projects, where she seeks to integrate its work in the current social and political life. See:

Visual Remarks. 
Lars Henning's documentary projects deal with themes such as identity, relationships, memory and visuality. See:

Filmproducer for Lars Henningsen is KKArt

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