Here is my new fx reel.
It's a collection of some of my work intended for companies to review my work as an fx td.


Life of Pi
1-Swimming pool: replaced the water with a combination of a naiad and houdini water simulation.
2-Dolphin Stampede: naiad and houdini water siulation and R&D

Final Destination 5
1-naiad water simulation, secondary spray, foam and floating debris. Blood simulation. Fumefx steam and smoke.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 1
1-Locket: chain simulation
2-Animation rig and setup for transfer back and forth between maya and houdini. Large fluid simulation use as velocity field for the flying debris.

Pirates of the Caribbean:
1-Davy Jones: Rain and rain interaction.
2-Desert crabs: simulation of the crabs and lighting.
3-Kalipso explosion of crabs: simulation of all the crabs.

1-Jake and Neytiri: Lighting and rendering.
2-Rocks falling: Rigid body sim, dust and debris sim and lighting and rendering.
3-Hometree Smoke: Smoke bomb particle simulation and lighting.
4-Hometree destruction: Missile trail anim and render rig. Missile trail simulation, lighting and rendering.
5-Final Battle: Ampsuit Gun fx anm and render rig.
6-Final Battle: All the missile trail sim, lighting and rendering.

Indiana Jones
1-Simulation, lighting and rendering.

The Assembly
1-Bridge Destruction: Modeling, simulation, lighting and rendering.
2-Mine destruction: modeling, shading, lighting, rigid body and particle simulation. rendering.

Blade of Glory
1-Head replacement lighting.
2-Massive to maya rig. Lighting and rendering.

1-owl ship water: Water splash simulation.
2-Nuclear explosion: missile fire and smoke. Ground shockwave.
3-Antartic sequence: Ground snow and falling snow.

Land of the dead
1-modeling, shading, simulation, lighting and rendering. + 3D lead.

Dead Zone
1-plane crash: modeling, shading, simulation and animation. lighting and rendering. Also, 3D lead for the show.
2-Tornado: RnD, setup, tracking, Simulation, lighting and rendering.

1-Helicopter Jump: Modeling, shading, lighting and rendering. As 3D lead.
2-Canon: Set-up, modeling, lighting and rendering.As 3D lead.

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