Set during Boom Festival 2012 the documentary THE ALCHEMY OF SPIRIT tells the story of thousands of people from across the world, that come together every 2 years in the August full moon. Together they share the dream of a reality within and beyond this reality, where we can live in harmony with our planet and with each other.

It is a movie about Boomers that learn together about a different way of living, they co-create and share "out of the box" revolutionary ideas for change, to be spread like seeds. Enjoy!

We Are One.


The Alchemy of Spirit

A Film Directed by

Produced by
Boom Team

Abuela Pilar
Ace Ventura
Alex Sastoque
Amanda Sage
Amy Underwood
Anderson Debernardi
Android Jones
Artur Mendes
Austin Cooper
Bart de Rooy
Billie Baillie
Carin Dickson
Carey Thompson
Charles Eisenstein
Chris Trappes-Lomax
Daniel Popper
Diogo Ruivo
Exchanghibition Bank / Dadara
Filip Leu
François Baudson
Gala Drop / Jerry the Cat and Nelson Gomes
Empire of Love / Shrine and Aaron Taylor
Goatika / Pavel @ Goatika
Guilherme da Luz
Heather Shaw
Hilight Tribe / Greg
Jessica Rose Hargreaves
Jorge Crespo
Josh Flemming
Juan Carlos Taminchi
Kfir Kol
La Flama Blanca
Loren Lewis Cole
Luke Brown
Mark Pulido
Mixmaster Morris
Ofer Rosenthal
Oskar & Gaspar
Patrice Hubert
Peter Bampton
Pizzeria Degli Elfi
Quentin Caron
Quico Barranco
Rob Foulsham
Roisin Lewis Cole
Romio Shrestha
Rosário Lago
Samadhi / Rão Kyao and Ruca Rebordão
Shane Gobi
Tiago Machado
Tim Tim por Tim Tum
Xavi Panneton
Zen Mechanics

Executive Producers
Miguel Manso
Patrícia Guerreiro
Paulo Prazeres

Script by
Boom Team
Marzia Braggion
Patrícia Guerreiro
Paulo Prazeres

Edited by
Marzia Braggion

Image By
Luís Graciano
Miguel Manso
Patrícia Guerreiro
Paulo Prazeres

Additional footage
Carlos Afonso
Charles Shaw
Filipe Pinto (Aerial Footage)
Boom Web TV
Boom Bikers

Sound Recordist
Filipe Sambado

Titles Design and Animation
Sérgio Duque

Post Production and Colouring
Miguel V. Santos

Sound Mixer
Tiago Inuit

Manuel Mesquita

Sound track

”Faun of the Waters” by Liquid Stranger
Courtesy of Interchill Records
Published by Mariko Music Publishing (SOCAN)

”4 keys United” by Jurek Przezdziecki
from the album Biscuit Symphony, Definition Records

“Troublemaker” by E-clip
Definition Records

“Overload” by E-clip
Definition Records

”The potency of the Winter” by Hataken
from the album Opti-Rythem, self released

“Emerge (Original Mix)” by Protonica
Iono Music

“Indifference” by Grouch
Audio Ashram

“Harmonic Mean” by Tripswitch
Section Records

“There´s Enough” by Gaudi
Six Degrees Records

“City of Joy” by Ashirvad
Sangita Sounds

“Deeper” by Grouch
Up Records

“Bandits” by Brujo´s Bowl
Zenon Records

“You have got a Mission” by Pogoda
KAMA Records

“Glide Reflection” by Tripswitch
Section Records

Visit Boom Festival website to know more about Boom Environmental Program -

Boom Festival would like to thank all the artists, workers, the visible and hidden dimensions of the universe to make Boom Festival happen.

Thanks to all the artists and labels that shared their music on this film.

Special thanks to the Boomers
You make our message of freedom and togetherness a reality.

Thank You!

All things in the universe are comprised of the same basic unit.
This is the fundamental premise of Alchemy

“Omnia in Unum”

4-11 August | Full Moon
Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal
FB - BoomFestivalOfficialPage
Twit - boomfestivalhq

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