The Beijing Dan Chung is showing us is always very beautiful…Vienna is more relaxed.

My aim was to test camera sensitivity, a bit motion and the new lenses I just got. I was not aiming for “high end compositions”…

Camera first impression:
Like others wrote before, camera felt great in hands.
Image quality can not be compared with my previous VDSLR (Nikon D90, Panasonic GH1). The Canon is in a different class. No more scrolling waves or vertical lines.
Light sensitivity is great! what a bargain for the money.

Lenses used:
Following the thread “just good enough” I have contacted “Samyang Europe” and asked them to test two of their lenses, the 8mm fish eye f3.5 and the 85mm f1.4.
Samyang responded fast (great customer service) and the all video (but the time laps sequence) was shot with those two lenses.

Please judge for yourself. If you are looking for a modestly priced prime lenses, you can’t go wrong. The 85mm is very fast, affordable and does not breathe when changing focus.

More info and review of the lenses you can find here:
8mm 3.5 review:
85mm 1.4 review:

All footage in this clip converted to Cineform AVI. No CC or additional treatment was done.

Camera settings:
1080 25p ISO 800 (but the second shot made with the fish eye, ISO 1600)
Early morning shot are a bit misleading, believe me it was much darker outside :)
Picture style-standard
Time laps lens: Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS USM

Music: AKM

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