This is by no means a planned test. M. Jonsson and I were together at the Las Vegas Belagio fountain and filmed at the same time. The scene view is different. We just thought some may like to see our results.


GH1: 1080p 24p from a very light Gitzo tripod
5D2: 1080p 30p with camera resting on a wall

Note: The 5D2 shots are shorter because there were some changes in exposure during the shot. We eliminated all footage with the full wall of water because both cameras clipped very strong.

Lesson: Getting good exposure on the GH1 is easier because of the histogram. Judging the exposure on the lCD of the 5D2 is harder.

Sound: The GH1 recorded the original sound but not the 5D2 (which is anyway only mono). Because I had to eliminate the extreme clipped parts I added a different sound track.


- Transcoding to ProRes HQ in Neoscene for GH1 and Quicktime for the 5D2
- Edited in Final Cut Pro (5D2 converted to 24p in FCP timeline)
- Some brightness corrections (GH1 show often dense shadows)

Download the full 1080p video (need to create a free account)

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