we.CONECT proudly presents its Enterprise Social Web Series with two of its most outstanding and renowned international business events : The Social Business Collaboration and the Intra.NET Reloaded bring together internal communication managers and collaboration project leaders from all over Europe & the World. More than 400 delegates and Business Partners, Solution Providers and Evangelists take advantage of the opportunity to exchange experiences, widen their network and debate upcoming challenges within their enterprises 2.0.

The Social Business Collaboration has become one of the leading conferences for strategic approaches and challenges to the management of Social Intelligence & Business Collaboration. The invaluable opportunity to share experiences and discuss current & future challenges of social business, user experience, platform integration, networking benefits and digital communication within more than 20 hours of 30+ innovative & interactive sessions. Apply now and get CONECTed with 100+ senior level executives, board-level attendees and leading professionals from all industries and more than 20 countries worldwide: collaboration2013.we-conect.com/en/ .

The Intra.NET Reloaded is Europe´s largest networking platform as it assembles hard-to-meet executives and board-level decision-makers within more than 36 hours, 40 sessions and case studies. Over 200 board-level attendees from world-leading companies gather to pursue the ultimate sharing of in-depth-knowledge, deep-dive networking and large-scale benchmarking. Have a look, get in touch and take part: intra-net2013.we-conect.com/

The Social Business Collaboration and the Intra.NET Reloaded are forming up the Enterprise Social Web Series, an international networking platform that provides large-scale networking activities and interactive sessions such as World Cafés, Challenge your Peers Round Tables, Morning- and Lunch Sessions, Trainings and Harvesting Sessions -- each of these being supervised and moderated by cutting-edge professionals from the industry. Content sharing, benchmarking, networking and sophisticated interaction in a tremendous environment -- every participant utterly benefits from the ultimate interactive and professional business exchange that characterizes those two Europe´s leading Social Intranet & Business Collaboration events.

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