Sunnyside Down Productions in association with C.G.O. & G.ORE Entertainment, LLC


Written and Directed by Giancarlo Orellana
Produced by Craig Glatt, Cesar G. Orellana, Giancarlo Orellana
Executive Producer Christina Chu

Chris Riquinha
Katelyn Spinosa
Shaun Brown
Haley Morganne
Caley Rose
Nick Uhas
Megan Hartig
Khalil Muhamamad
Stan Adams
and Craig Glatt as Robert Craven


Nathan has been sober for one year after having battled alcoholism. Now, his closest friends get together to celebrate his first year of sobriety by drinking and getting high. What they don't know is that serial killer Robert Craven has escaped from a nearby mental asylum and he's headed their way.

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