A month ago i started to start the riverboat proyect in my spare times, I modeled everything except the trees, and have animated the boat also helicopters and cameras, also I had to sculpt some things like the terrain, Igor Zanic has helped me to prepare the mainfluid rnd, then from there I tweaked a few things and it has been several days of simulation and testing to get better result, after I decided to start learn pyro for make the smoke and put it in the scene with some wind effect from helicopters, Flag is a cloth fx.
Still need tweak a bit, finish shaders and render final.


Mainfluid setup:
-Numer Points: 45 millions.
-Pool size: 35x80 mts.
-Particle Separate: 0.04.
-Timescale 1.2.
-Grid Scale: 1.5.

Pyro Smoke:
-Numer Voxels: 10 millions.
-Division Size: 0.8.
-Temperature Diffuse: 0.75.
-Buoyancy Lift: 3.
-Disipation: 0.1.
-Disturbance: 2.
-Sharpening: 1.
-Confinement 2.

HDD Space: 720gb.

UPDATE: riverboat final render coming soon! more vegetable scene with wind forces, wet and more!

Hope you like and stay tunned to final result, ENJOY!


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