Most Thursdays we go to a local bar in Westerly, RI called Perks and Corks. Our friends Colin and Josh bartend there. They get us good and liquored up.

Last Thursday, we received our Canon 7D in the mail, and it only made sense to try the thing out to see what it could do. A really cool local band called Sunday Gravy was playing and we captured their performance of 'No Woman, No Cry."

This is our first foray into the world of DSLRs, and it completely blew us away. It really is an amazingly...uhhh...liberating, simple, and low-profile filmmaking tool. Much thanks to Josh for letting us borrow his 35mm 1.4L....and thanks to the Zoom H4n for hanging out in the corner and getting great sound (that was our first time using it, and we were really impressed)

The edit is pretty straight forward. There's no color correction and we chopped the song up to make it look like we had more than one camera filming.

Enjoy and feel free to ask any questions.

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