The Enigma Confederacy has been unveiled! How can Kevin and Travis possibly save the world if they are dead?! Find out in the exciting conclusion to Adventure Buddies!

Created by Kevin Clarke & Travis Vogt.
Directed by Wil Long.
Written by Travis Vogt & Kevin Clarke.
Produced by Kevin Clarke & Travis Vogt & Wil Long & Brian Rosenquist & Amanda Barrott.
Director of Photography Brian Rosenquist.
Edited by Kevin Clarke.
Special Effects by Brian Rosenquist, Amanda Barrott, Matt Frizzell.
Starring Kevin Clarke, Travis Vogt, Derek Sheen, Paul Merrill.
Guest Starring Owen Straw, Lindy West, Kevin Hyder, Brandon Ivey, Rory Scovel as Computervoice.

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